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This user agreement governs a customer’s access and use of our website Drawstringbagsonline.com. The service allows customers having an appropriate relationship with: (i) higher learning organizations, fraternal organizations, prestigious societies and other collegiate groups; (ii) corporations and small businesses; (iii) elementary and secondary schools; or (iv) other organizations to get their products designed and buy from us describing that relationship. By using this website and our services, you have agreed to obey the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.


All content on Drawstringbagsonline.com including graphics, texts, logos, images, software applications and audio clips are the property of Drawstringbagsonline.com and are protected by international copyright laws. The use of website content and software applications are limited to shopping purposes. It should not be modified, reproduced, republished, transmitted or manipulated for any other business or personal purposes or for other anti-social purposes.


Drawstringbagsonline.com promotional graphics, logos, and service names are trademarks of Drawstringbagsonline.com, LLC.

Drawstringbagsonline.com, LLC, trademarks should not be used in connection with any product (similar or dissimilar) or service that is not provided by Drawstringbagsonline.com in any manner that may create confusion among customers or in any other manner that discredits, disparages or impairs the reputation of Drawstringbagsonline.com, LLC.

Also, you should agree to not use our content or material to manipulate unlawful, harmful, harassing, abusive, tortuous, threatening, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, obscene, hateful or racially charged, ethnically charged or otherwise objectionable mail or content to support your views.


This site is provided by Drawstringbagsonline.com, LLC on an "AS IS" Basis. Drawstringbagsonline.com makes no warranties or representations of any kind, about the type of content or products included in this website. Taking liberty of full extent permissible by applicable law, Drawstringbagsonline.com, LLC disclaims warranties expressed or implied including but not limited to fitness and merchantability for a specific purpose. Drawstringbagsonline.com, LLC bears no responsibility for any damages arising due to the usage of this website including but not related to direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary and consequential damages.

We offer no warranty that the content on this website/software applications embedded within thewebsite are 100% error free or may remain uninterrupted or that defects would be eliminated or that the server or the website is 100% error free or anything else which may be harmful, destructive or content mentioned in this website are correct, accurate, reliability OR otherwise.

Drawstringbagsonline.com Exclusives

Drawstringbagsonline.com reserves exclusive right to cancel any order which it finds libelous, obscene, defamatory, profane (according to standards established by the FCC), promoting irresponsible use of harmful additives such as drugs or alcohol, supporting bifurcation on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, national origin, physical inability or containing abusive and explicit sexual content or remains otherwise inappropriate for Drawstringbagsonline.com production.

Anti-Sweat Shop Policy

Drawstringbagsonline.com strongly supports anti-sweat shop policy. We consider reputation, referrals and in some cases, we go our way to personally identify suppliers who comply with anti-sweat shop policy.

Returns Policy

Drawstringbagsonline.com goes to that extreme end to ensure that all orders are fulfilled as per the requirement and on time and are of the same quality as advertised on the website. So, Drawstringbagsonline.com accepts returns and will refund the amount if it finds that customers are disappointed by following reasons (a) the quality of the imprint (i.e., the printing or embroidery) (b) inferior product quality than that advocated on the website (d) deliberate printing errors (c) the design of the final product is differs from final design submitted by the customer.

Cancellation Policy

Limit of Drawstringbagsonline.com Responsibility

We are only responsible for acting only on those instructions sent to us and don’t assume responsibility for any kind of malfunctions in communication due to customer negligence. We shouldn’t be held responsible for any delays or losses in transmission of orders arising due to use of any Internet Access Service Provider or caused due to browser. Also, we don’t assume any responsibility if you have provided incorrect details or if your credit-card payment is not duly processed by your credit-card company.

Intellectual Property Claims

Drawstringbagsonline.com holds high respect for intellectual property rights of other businesses and individuals. We have a policy of deleting submissions that are found to infringe copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws. We may suspend or block access to features of our site to a user who is found to violate any such law. In pursuance to Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 512, we encourage the claimants to notify claimed copyright infringement in writing and the request will be processed in accordance with the law.

If you want to claim infringement, then your mail should be addressed to concerns @Drawstringbagsonline.com, it must: (i) contain your electronic or physical signature; (ii) clear mention about the copyrighted work, property alleged to have been infringed and trade mark; (iii) identified in a sufficiently precise manner to allow us to locate that material and clarify; (iv) contain adequate contact information (including contact address, contact number and e-mail address); (v) come with a statement that you have a belief that copyrighted material or intellectual property or trademark doesn’t bear owner authorization in any form; (vi) contain a statement that information or concern raised is accurate and (vii) contain a statement, under penalty of perjury that you have sought authorization on behalf of trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right owner.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Drawstringbagsonline.com and its affiliates/partners harmless from and against any and all costs, damages, claims and expenses arising from legal fees, any other conflict regarding the use of our website, service or your violation of this agreement or rights of others.

Applicable Law

This website is created and controlled by Drawstringbagsonline.com, operating in the State of North Carolina, USA. These terms, conditions and disclaimers are governed by laws in the State of North Carolina without conflict. We reserve the right to make changes to the website or disclaimers, terms, and conditions as per our discretion or requirement.