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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why Do Custom Non Woven Polypropylene Drawstring Bags Make Environment Friendly Gifting Choice ?

If you are considering promotional drawstring bags for your next campaign, why don’t you take inspiration from supermarkets and natural food stores who are largely gifting away re-usable custom non woven polypropylene drawstring bags. For all newbies here – Polypropylene or PP , as it is abbreviated refers to a type of plastic, bearing high […]

Why are Custom Plastic Drawstring Bags Largely Preferred for Value Gifting?

Custom plastic drawstring bags are extremely popular with marketers due to their value advantages and easy availability. They largely remain affordable for marketers of even smaller budget sizes. They can employ it for value building throughout the year. You are sure to get dazzled by its benefits such as – • Reliability:Most celebrated benefit of using […]

Why are Custom Nylon Bags Engaged for Brand Building?

Most of us face those bad days, when we are in hurry and don’t have time to pack essentials or don’t have enough space to manage essentials or get scarry from carrying bulky backpacks, etc. Perhaps we aren’t the only ones facing this problem, many others from different walks of life are going through it […]

Why Do Your Customers Need Customized Mesh Drawstring Bags?

Whether you are considering a handsome promotional giveaway or an item to package your product or searching for an emotional gift that work for your business- you should consider customized mesh drawstring bags. These bags are what your customers expect and want you to gift them. The best thing is that these bags are offered […]

How Can You Benefit By Making Eco-Friendly Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags Part of Your Branding Agenda?

Plastic has become one most dreaded word in the recent years due to its unfairly exploitation. Billions and billions of plastic bags have been trashed over all these years and governments around the world are splashing millions to get rid of them forever. By peeking into your home or office or business institution, you can […]

How Custom Polyester Drawstring Bags May Become an Asset to Your Promotional Campaign?

Are you one of those fierce polyester critics? Perhaps you haven’t tried out custom polyester drawstring bags! You haven’t seen them how people are going crazy about them and utilizing them as a school book bag, camp bag, gym bag, carry around bag, laundry bag and in many other capacities. You should read this blog […]

Why are Promotional Polypropylene Drawstring Bags in Demand?

Why are  promotional polypropylene drawstring bags in news? Why are people ordering them for gifting more than before? Do you know what makes them different from other plastic promotional bags used by marketers around the world? Read below to find answers. Powerhouse of qualities -Some of the best traits attributed to these polypropylene bags is […]

What are Popular Custom Drawstring Bags Preferred for Business Gifting?

If you believe in powers of smart advertising, then probably you know that custom drawstring bags make the perfect choice. On hearing it you may ponder -what type of these bags make a perfect choice for gifting and how do they aid in brand building. It is difficult to say which type of bags would […]

What May be Advertising Impact of a Custom Drawstring Bag on Your Business

 Many may argue that era of smart advertising has crept in and promotional marketing has become a dump term. However, online advertising and televisions have helped businesses to etch their brand credentials deeply into customer’s consciousness, but there is one another form of advertising supported by promotional products, labeled as corporate giveaways. This trend of […]