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Why Do Custom Non Woven Polypropylene Drawstring Bags Make Environment Friendly Gifting Choice ?

If you are considering promotional drawstring bags for your next campaign, why don’t you take inspiration from supermarkets and natural food stores who are largely gifting away re-usable custom non woven polypropylene drawstring bags.

For all newbies here – Polypropylene or PP , as it is abbreviated refers to a type of plastic, bearing high melting point and durability than other plastics used in bag manufacture. The non-woven nature indicates that fibers or threads used in these bags are either glued or indulged with some other method than weaving. They are pressed into sheets, which are modeled a bags. This type of production makes it a lasting and durable material, which is capable of retaining its elasticity in adverse situations, too. You can easily attribute the popularity of this PP to few good reasons as these –

Easy production : Weaving is a very complicated process and even if completely  mechanized it is time consuming . People who are opting for last minute gifting mostly prefer to seek non woven bags because they are readily available and largely affordable, too.

Easy imprinting: PP drawstring bags offer easy imprint option and they can be availed in wide variety of colors. Most drawstring bags in PP bear large imprint area and they offer bigger work space for marketers to act upon. Also, they can use variety of printing methods to brilliantly highlight their brand logo.

Durability and reliability : Non-woven polypropylene drawstring bags bear great strength and durability than regular plastic bags and they can be re-used as per discretion, which has earned them a name “ bag for a lifetime”. All this means that logo imprinted PP drawstring bag that you handed out during promotional event is going to be used and re –used time and again, thereby bringing you large exposure than regular. Today, many marketers have waged the trend of rewarding shoppers with re-usable bags, which indicates two things – their social responsibility towards environment and their eagerness for easy acceptance and lasting visibility.

Recycling : Promotional polypropylene drawstring bags can be easily recycled than other conventional plastic promotional bags. This makes them an apt promotional choice for marketers who think about environment and wish to gift it to others. Many people don’t know that major portion of polypropylene used in production of polypropylene bags are sourced from recycled material, which makes them eco-friendly.

By now you might have realized that non-woven polypropylene drawstring bags are versatile promotional tokens, and they can easily keep your business information fresh and abreast before your targeted customers. They also add green line to your efforts to get noticed and they can recycled and re-used for long time.

Marketers who are eyeing some value savings by bulk ordering these promotional non woven bags can source them from reliable online stores selling promotional drawstring bags and avail exciting discounts and many other value benefits such as free art setup, free shipping and free online design proof by availing them.

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