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What Makes Cotton Drawstring Bags a great Value Added Promotional Gift

When buying custom items, most marketers look for the best value for money options that will ensure more brand exposure for them on a budget. Choosing the best product that matches the needs of the recipients and their promotional budget is often an overwhelming task. However, gift choices like cotton drawstring bags are something that appeals to everyone and can be used confidently to promote all types of events and brands.

Custom drawstring bags are something everyone likes to use as these are attractive, functional and long lasting. The generous imprint area of these bags will make a high visibility billboard for marketers to get across their promotional message.

Here are some sound reasons that make cotton drawstring bags an effective promotional item

Countless Choices

Cotton drawstring bags are available in countless options and color choices that there is something special for everyone. From backpacks to barrel bags and more, there is an interesting range of choices on offer. Choose colors that complement your event theme or brand color, personalize with your brand and message and see how these logo items will never fail to impress your audience.


Businesses planning an ecofriendly promotion will find these cotton drawstring bags a great choice as these are reusable and long lasting and won’t end up in landfills or cause damage to the marine animals. Reports show that customers prefer to associate themselves with brands that undertake a sustainable promotion and are sensitive to ecological issues.

Easy to use

Cotton drawstrings are easy to use and have a large storage space in the single compartment, which makes it easy for the users to put in and take out their items. Designed to last long and look great, these bags made of natural fiber are easy on the skin and hypo allergic too. The simple design of these bags sans hooks and zippers make them easy to wash and maintain easily.

Versatile gifts

Be it as party favors, store promotional items or employee gifts, cotton drawstring bags can be used in countless occasions. No matter how you wish to use, these bags will tug the hearts of everyone in no time.

Assured ROI

Hugely popular, drawstring bags create repeat impressions all through its life and ensure a decent return on your investment. The impressive shelf life and raging popularity will make these logo items a great choice.

Unique styles

Cotton drawstring bags come in unique styles that it is easy to choose a bag that complement your style. The trending designs of cotton drawstring bags will make it a great choice for people of all age and gender groups.

Here are some of the cotton drawstring bags models that you may find interesting

Split Decision Cotton Cinch Bags: the bags are as interesting as its quirky name! These are great for daily use and special occasions and will make a great promotional item for fitness centers, schools and sports clubs among others.

Custom Printed Split Decision Cotton Cinch Bags

Drawstring Cotton Barrel Bags Full Color: An attractive barrel shape and a generous storage area will make it a great choice for marketers who wish to reach out to campers, adventurists, motorcyclists, and sports men.

Customized Drawstring Cotton Barrel Bags Full Color

Condor Cotton Drawstring Backpacks Interesting color choices will make this bag a perfect for holiday gift. The large storage space andmonitor accees easy visibility to business information imprinted against it are its hallmarks.

Custom Condor Cotton Drawstring Backpacks

Which is your favorite cotton drawstring bag model? Tell us in our comments section

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