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The Promotional Impact Of Custom Drawstring Bags That Will Leave You Awestruck

It is interesting to note that even in the digital age of television and online promotions, the low cost promotional methods involving custom gifts are still a rage. Custom gifts ensure the dual advantage of a personal touch in your promotions along with regular impressions. According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 76% percent of people who get custom gifts remember the product information imprinted on the products. It is interesting to note in this context that trade show booths that hand out freebies are 50% more likely to be visited than booths that offer nothing. The effect of promotional gifts is so high that 50 percent of people report doing business with a company after receiving one of its promo items.

Custom Printed Large Polyester Drawstring Sport Pack

Drawstring bags make versatile items to promote all types of businesses as these are gender neutral and hugely popular among all types of audience including kids and kids at heart. Custom drawstring bags enjoy ubiquitous appeal among the masses, which will make a highly popular promotional item among everyone. The generous imprint area of the bags will make it a walking talking billboard for your brand while the simplistic design and attractive colors will easily steal the hearts of your recipients. The easy drawstring fastening feature and the unique design that ensure even distribution of load over the shoulders of the users, thereby making it easy to carry around for a long time are its trump cards for sure!

What are the Advantages of Custom Drawstring Bags

To find out how well custom drawstring bags work as promotional items, let us examine the four basic criteria mentioned below that typically determine the potency of a promotional product.

Advertising Space

Promotional drawstring bags are well sought for a generous imprint area where you can place your brand and contact information. However, make sure that your logo is imprinted in such a way that it remains visible even after drawing it close.


Drawstring backpacks are often used many days a week. From being used as a picnic bag, shopping bag or travel bag, these will also make great team spirit items, fund raising items and family reunion gifts. If you are planning to reach out to a sophisticated business crowd, you can focus more on style and substance while students may like a highly durable and colorful bag.

Visual Appeal

Drawstring bags bring together both form and functionality. People prefer to carry bags that have a stylish appeal, which means that your brand on these will enjoy a higher visibility than a plain looking bag that not many people will be keen to carry. Buying the cheapest bags might help you cut corners of your promotional budget, but in the long run, it may not pay off as your recipients will not be impressed by something plain and tacky, which in turn will push down your goodwill and popularity. It is when your recipients use a promotional item and make it part of their style that the item becomes a successful marketing tool.


Drawstring bags are designed to bear the rough and tumble of daily lives with a wide grin. Just choose a model that has a quality construction so that your recipients will retain it for a long time. The more often an item gets seen, the more valuable it is to your company.

If you have been searching for a custom gift item that will never fail to turn heads, your choice could well be these custom drawstring bags. Happy shopping!

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