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A Few Great Ways To Employ Imprinted Drawstring Bags in Your Marketing Events

Now that the outdoorsy season of spring is literally at the threshold, there can’t be a better business gift than custom drawstring bags to reach out to the clients that love an active life style. It is a great time for camping holidays, picnics and adventure activities. Drawstring bags are not just any other bag but a holiday staple that not many people can resist. By putting your brand and message on these trendy bags you are assured the much desired brand exposure and portability.

Personalized Runner Polypropylene Drawstring Knapsack

Camping holidays bring together a group of fun loving people under one roof, sharing experiences and making holiday memories. Your brand, artwork or slogan on these bags will grab a lot of attention everytime they carry these bags holding their gears, clothing and food supplies. Draw string bags  that are designed to bear the rough and tumble of outdoor holidays will make heads turn due to its brilliant colors and casual vibe. The generous imprint area will highlight your brand and message in style while the single storage compartment ensures ease of use and packing for your recipients. The easy to use drawstring closure will make it a perfect grab-on- the- go bag that can be stuffed with all the holiday essentials in no time.

Corporate gifts

The aesthetic appeal and the casual vibe of these logo bags will make it a perfect corporate gift as well. Imprint your brand and message on these and every time your team carries it to business events, corporate weekends or just a day out, your brand will get a lot of attention for sure. You can choose a model in your corporate color for added impact. The low cost advantage will make it possible for employers to hand out to the whole team without stretching their dime a wee bit!

Fund raising items

The large imprint area of these budget friendly drawstring backpacks make it possible for non profits to use it as fund raising items. The massive imprint area will highlight your cause and logo in style while the audience will be happy to buy these trendy bags to highlight their social commitment by being part of your cause.

Store Promotions

Drawstring bags are often associated with people who enjoy an active life style, which makes it a perfect choice for promoting fitness centers, outdoor holidays and more. Your brand and business message on it will thus gain a lot of visibility and an extended audience.

Ecofriendly Promotions

With more businesses turning to energy neutral promotions and functions to do their bit in making this world a better place to live, the importance of reusable drawstring bags have gone up manifold. Offered in various ecofriendly models like cotton drawstring bags and polypropylene bags, these drawstring bags are well suited for responsible and socially committed marketing.

Custom drawstring bags are here to stay. Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your needs.

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